1. To play Night Hoops you have to be 12-18-years-old for the whole tournament, live in one of the designated suburbs for that tournament and fill in a registration form.

  2. All players must have their participation approved by their parent, guardian, or an authorised youth worker.

  3. You can register online with your parent or guardian, or you can fill out a printed form and it signed by your parent or guardian.

  4. Only the first 72 players to register and show up at will be guaranteed a place on a team.

  5. If you miss out on one of the first 72 places you will go on a wait list. If any of the 72 drop out the first person on the wait list will be offered the spot and so on.



  1. To make sure you keep your spot on your Night Hoops team, it is important that you don't miss more than two nights in a row. If you miss more than two nights your spot may be given to a player on the wait list.

  2. You will also automatically lose your place in the team if you are given two red cards in a tournament. The Tournament Manager also has the right to cancel any players registration for misbehaviour.

  3. Night Hoops has nightly awards for good behaviour but we also have yellow and red cards for misbehaviour. If a player breaks the Night Hoops rules, including by being disrespectful or discourteous, a volunteer or staff member will tell the player that they have been given a Yellow Card.

  4. If a player breaks the rules a second time on any given night they will be told they have received a Red Card. Any player who receives a Red Card will not be allowed to participate in the next tournament night.

  5. Any player who gets a Yellow Card will be welcomed back to Night Hoops after their one night suspension.

  6. A Red Card can be given straight away if the behaviour warrants it. Any player who gets a second red card in a single tournament loses their spot for the rest of the tournament.

  7. Players are not permitted to walk home. All players must either be dropped home by bus or be picked up by a parent or guardian. Players can only be dropped home at the address nominated on their registration form unless notice is given and confirmed by a parent or guardian. Any new address must be within the designated suburbs for the tournament.

  8. Good behaviour on buses is paramount for safety. Red cards will be issued for any misbehaviour. At Night Hoops we expect all participants, players, volunteers and staff, to show each other respect and courtesy at all times.

  9. Players are required to participate in all games, training's and workshops.

  10. Night Hoops is not a drop in centre, it is a basketball tournament.

  11. Players must stay with their team and coaches at all times.

  12. No swearing is permitted.

  13. No fighting, or play fighting, is permitted.

  14. Once you have arrived at Night Hoops you are under our duty of care and we are not allowed to let you leave unless you are in the care of your parent or guardian.

  15. No spectators under the age of 19 are permitted to attend.

  16. All Night Hoops referees, volunteers and staff are required to treat players and each other with respect and courtesy. It is extremely important that players return that respect and courtesy. Without referees and volunteers Night Hoops cannot function.

  17. Coaches will endeavour to make playing time equal for all players, but it is important that players do not harass coaches for playing time as it only makes even substitutions harder to achieve.

  18. Players must not dispute referee's decisions Players are required to make their own way to Night Hoops.

  19. You must be registered with Night Hoops to play.

  20. Night Hoops is a locked door event. This means the doors will be locked at 7.30pm and only opened again when the buses leave just before midnight.

  21. To participate all players must arrive before 7.30 and in clothing that will allow them to play.

  22. All games are refereed to FIBA rules, except for a few minor changes.

  23. Teams must have at least one girl on the court at all times.

  24. Boys may not block girls shots. Team substitutions are to be made as evenly as possible.

  25. Coaches are to provide an equal amount of playing time for all participants, to the best of their ability.

  26. With the exception of water and toilet breaks, players are to stay with their team and on the team bench throughout all games.